RallySport Direct Gets a 2011 STi!!!

On Friday around 1pm we received a wonderful phone call from the local dealer letting us know our STi was in. The 1st in the state and one of the first in US. After several months of waiting it was a wonderful thing to see pulling into the dealer lot.

Wasting no time, we went and picked up the car. With 7 miles on the odometer, the car looks amazing! Pictures do not do it justice! We have big plans in the works, but you will just have to wait and see.

1st Impressions compared to a 2008 STi.
WOW! Subaru listened to its customers. The handling is crisper, more precise, and surprisingly sporty. The back end is much more stable and the front end just goes where you point it. Another nice thing is that the stock exhaust actually produces  noticeable note. A quick blip of the throttle and you can hear the all so familiar Subaru Boxer rumble.

A couple nice features Subaru has changed are the black interior pieces, the heated seats, and the bluetooth navigation. This makes for not only a solid weekend fun car but a daily commuter as well.

Stay tuned as parts are about to start going on the car ASAP!

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