The Underdogs Episode 1 & 2

Lost Summit Films sets out to create a documentary that centers around two brothers, Adam and Noah Levy, who happen to be the owners of LIC Motorsports. Brandon Katcher, the director, cinematographer, editor, and composer, gives us an in-depth look of what goes on at LIC Motorsports, where when Adam and Noah are not working on their customers’ cars, they are working on their shop STi getting it ready for the next time attack event. Counting down the days until race day, see what goes on behind the scenes and the hurdles that the two brothers must overcome in their day to day grind.

I honestly believe this is better than anything you will find on reality TV right now so check it out! Follow the link below (or click the image above), each episode is approximately a half-hour in length so you may want to let it buffer awhile if you are streaming, or better yet, download it by right-clicking and saving as on either 720P or 1080P.

Good job guys! It’s great seeing something like this in this industry. Can’t wait for episode 3!


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