Advan RZ-DF in Matte Black!

Advan is at it again with this new wheel that’s for sure to go down in the history books, the Advan RZ-DF in Matte Black. This is the same wheel as the already popular Advan RZ but the DF indicates that this wheel sports the “Deep Face”. So instead of concaving spokes that you would get on the RZ, the RZ-DF will give you a deep dish that will comfortably hold your cell phone, Benjamins, pack of smokes, Domokun doll, water bottle, or whatever your heart desires. That is if you feel the need to let everyone know what you can fit in the lip of your 19” x 10.5” wheel with a +15 offset.

The finish in the picture is a simple, yet elegant, Matte Black. Sure to compliment any color of car, rest assured you will not leave anyone disappointed. Other finishes such as Silver and Bright Chrome are also available. For the size, these wheels are pretty light, weighing roughly 21-22 lbs each which makes them that much sweeter. I don’t know about you but I cannot wait to see these wheels mounted up on someone’s car!

If you are interested in acquiring a set, please contact us at 1-888-45-RALLY.

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