1. I’ll be there for sure +3

  2. coming to hang out and see some cars and support the scene

  3. Jonathan(aka Mush04)says:

    Posted up above under Jonathan, but figured I would put my nasioc name so it’s easier so mush04.

  4. Travis(aka Blackhorizon)says:

    I’ll be there for subaru fans hang out and spend $$$$$!

  5. xXLouLegzXxsays:

    I will be there to come hang out!
    A couple of my friends work around the corner at Godfrey Entertainment (Nitro Circus)… I will see if they have anyone snazzy (AKA Travis) hanging out at the office that day and maybe I can get them to swing by 🙂

  6. Mikerx8says:

    I will be there to b.s. and chill out.

  7. I1ulostsays:

    This will be fun. I’m finally rebuilding and might have mine there!

  8. Dan (aka WRXDanimal)says:

    YEEEEAH SON! Always looking for good used parts and free food! Sounds like a great opportunity for good pics, and hanging with good friends too. I’m there!

  9. bryantsays:

    Will be there selling a set of Work XT-7’s 18×9.5 +12 BRING CASH! 😀

  10. Alexsays:

    will definitely be there

  11. I’ll be there.

  12. Brandensays:

    I’ll be attending.

  13. Sterlingsays:

    I’ll be there, will not be wanting/needing a Swap meet spot

  14. Count me in

  15. Eriksays:

    I’ll be there

  16. Fragsays:

    i will be there

  17. Davesays:

    ill be there

  18. SLEEPYSUBIEsays:

    I will be there with a ton of parts for sale. Need a spot for parts please

  19. Alfonsays:

    I’ll be there

  20. burtsays:

    yo ill be there!!!

  21. Cruzmissilesays:

    I am down I love road trips in my subie

  22. Kevinsays:

    I’ll be there lurking as usual. I have some oem items to sell but might just try word of mouth in the lot instead of taking valuable space…

  23. Ryan - grimwagonsays:

    I will most likely be there and have a thing or two or car stereo stuff for sale.

  24. Jake Msays:

    Planning on it.

  25. Mattsays:

    Count me in.

  26. Guttersmashsays:

    I’ll be there, just to hang out.

  27. gear headsays:

    I’ll be there +1

  28. Me be there.

  29. phantomspeed3says:

    Me, my brother, and two friends will be there! 07′ MS3 and 04′ WRX 🙂

  30. Brett Bsays:

    +2 hanging out, EVO IX MR

  31. Chrissays:

    I’ll be there with a bunch of tires for sale.

  32. Lusio sue's roossays:

    I shall be there!

  33. davesays:

    in b

  34. Add 2 to the list, we are looking forward to seeing everyone!

  35. We will be there! (2)

  36. DocHolladay23says:

    down (1)

  37. Jerrysays:

    I’ll be There bringing 2 people

  38. ogden240says:

    +2 to the list.
    Might bring some stuff to sell… still debating.

  39. caseysays:

    free food? distraction from finals? i’m there

  40. Daniel Garvinsays:

    I will be there and will bring my stuff for sale. I’m excited for a great turn out!

  41. jordansays:

    i’m down and have stuff to sell!

  42. brennan halessays:

    ill be there hanging out.

  43. jassielsays:

    Ill be there +1

  44. Ronniesays:

    I’ll be there!

  45. Sosasays:

    Dont mind if I do! +2

  46. I have a set of wheels and tires I hope to sell.

    I’ll be there.

  47. DJ Brett Bsays:

    okay not +2 now, just me… friend bailed so rollin solo, should be nice to go to a UT event and meet some new faces tho

  48. Trevor Msays:

    will be there with a set of sti wheels and possibly other goodies

  49. Timonsays:

    I’ll be there to hang out and maybe pick up a thing or two.

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