RWD Nissan GT-R GT1


“We finally get a really good look into the 2010 FIA GT1 World Championship car.

Prototypes, early production models and a bunch of buzz; we’ve seen and heard it all but finally we get to see some bonafied pictures and read about actual specs. 600hp and 479 lb.-ft of torque from a N/A 5.5L V8 (although restricted) will thrust the 2755 lb. GT1 Nissan towards the world championship for 2010. Though based on the road going GT-R, the two share little in common apart from looks, the basic monocoque and McPherson struts at front and double wishbone in back.

The all-wheel drive system has been replaced for a rear-wheel setup and sequential 6-speed gearbox. Braking will be ceramic composite, while the outside features side exhaust, new rear wing, vents and ducts galore.

No word on drivers yet but when they’re announced we’ll send them your way.”

0-60 Mag

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