LIC Motorsports & Redline Time Attack Season Finals

“Coming off a very tiring week from Super Lap Battle, LIC Motorsports was 99% sure we weren’t going to make it to the Redline Time Attack Season Finals. We came to this conclusion from being frustrated at our performance at Super Lap Battle 2009. Having spent the better part of a week dealing with the race car + traveling, we were burnt out to say the least. We got back from Super Lap on Thursday AM and began our work on customer’s cars through Friday, of which we also decided we might as well take the long haul down to Southern California yet again and make an appearance even if we knew we weren’t going to bring our best game to the table.

Being we had obligations through Friday evening with customers; we were left with only a few hours to setup the suspension for a high speed track like Cal Speedway. And true to form, nothing goes as planned and just drops in and fits (hence grinding on springs that have too much paint and not enough taper on them). We ended up leaving for Fontana, CA to late and left after 5pm on Saturday evening, which didn’t get us arriving to our hotel until 3am on Sunday. We were already starting the day off badly. But only leaving ourselves to blame we struggled to push forward on our last race of the season, It would have been easier to call it quits but not wanting to let our sponsors down we continued onto race day.

We decided we needed to make an adjustment to our brake system as we were constantly getting lock up and way too much front bite (resulting in many flat spotted tires and lack of driver confidence). I was met bright and early in the AM with a rep from Race Technologies, to hand off our new 6 piston Monoblock 355mm Big Brake Kit. Even though we managed to miss the first practice session as we installed our new brake system, we at least were feeling better we gave our driver the best opportunity to do his best with what we had brought.

First session out we quickly realized we were over sprung on our coilover’s…we had a few options, 1- continue to change things and hand the driver a different car each and every time or 2- just let him get use to the car and do the best he could. We decided it was best to let Russ get use to the car and work within what was given to him and what we had to work with. Russ’s feedback on the brakes was encouraging and discouraging all at the same time. We quickly realized that we just spent a chunk of change for the brakes to operate almost darn near like the older brakes; which got us all thinking…luckily we now know what the braking issue(s) are, bad thing was there was nothing we could do to fix it at the track. With this information in hand Russ just had to make do with what he had and also attempt to stay in the top 5 (which was our goal for the weekend).

We fought our way to the second to last session and our current standing was 3rd place in class (only separated by 0.7 & 1.0 secs, the 1st and 2nd place cars were going to two Nissan GTR’s, which are made for this high horsepower track). Going into the final session of the day, we were hopeful but skeptical we could clinch anything better than where we were. One small issue was the AMS car was on its way out. I knew we didn’t have enough for those guys and reserved ourselves to 3rd or 4th place as a best case scenario.

Final round, as all the teams headed out to lay some final numbers…it was a stressful yet eventful time for everyone, and likewise it was a lot of fun to see everyone in good spirits and rooting everyone on as the day/season was coming to an end. I got to hang with the boys from GST Motorsports and reminisce of this past year and also to share a beer or two. The final session had now come to an end, of which I reserved my mindset to 4th place and felt if we at least accomplished it, we should be proud. Needless to say we did finish off the Redline Time Attack Finals in 4th place Modified AWD and obtained our goal for the first real season out for LIC Motorsports.”
-Noah Levy @ LIC Motorsports

2009 Standings (From August to November):

2nd Place – Super Lap Battle Qualifier (Fontana, CA)
3rd Place – Redline Time Attack (Pahrump, NV)
1st Place – Subiefest 2009 (Willow Springs, CA)
4th Place – Super Lap Battle 2009 (Buttonwillow, CA)
4th Place – Redline Time Attack Finals (Fontana, CA)

LIC Motorsports would like to thank its 2009 sponsors:

Crawford Performance– supplying superior motor internals, turbo kit, and tuning
Deatschwerks– best injectors in the marketplace
Toyo Tires– supplying competitive tires
Wheeldude– making strong reliable/dependable wheels
ERP Suspension– supplying knowledge that one only learns from doing for a lifetime
M1 fabrication– making the best custom parts one could ask for
RallySport Direct– sticking with LIC from day one
Hectors Chop Shop– keeping the race car looking classy
Race Technologies– supplying great braking solutions

LIC Time Attack STi Specs

Model: 2004 STi
Weight: 2900 lbs. (Dry), 3210 (Loaded w/ fuel and driver)
WHP: 500
Torque: 400
Fuel: e85
Motor: Crawford Performance 2.5L S3L-IR (Assembly by LIC)
Turbo Kit: Crawford Performance GT35R w/ BIG FMIC
Fuel Supply: Crawford Performance Surge/AOS Tank, Fuel Rails
Tuning: Crawford Performance (ECUtek Reflash)
Injectors: Deatschwerks Top Feed 1200cc (Custom)
Drivetrain: ACT Clutch, Cusco LSD’s (Front/Rear)
Suspension: Triple Adjustable JRZ (Custom), M1 Knuckles/Control Arms (Custom)
Brakes: Front Brembo 6 Piston 355mm BBK, Rear Brembo (stock)
Exterior: APR GT300 Wing, LIC Fender Flares/Splitter/Canards (Custom)
Wheels: Rota DPT 18×10 e35 (5×100/5×114.3)
Tires: Toyo Proxes R888 285/30ZR18

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