Subaru Legacy B4 Super GT Test Run at Fuji Speedway

This beast here is R&D Sport’s car for the Super GT series. It is a 2010 Subaru Legacy B4 built to compete in the GT300 class. It is powered by the EJ20 and piloted by Tetsuya Yamano and Shogo Mitsuyama. The footage here shows the car doing some test runs out at Fuji Speedway.

The Super GT racing series in Japan was formerly known as JGTC (Japanese Grand Touring Championship). Super GT consists of two racing classes, the GT300 and GT500. The 300 and 500 signifies the maximum amount of brake horsepower for that given class. Air restrictors are used to regulate the power for each vehicle and ballasts are used to regulate the weight of each vehicle. This in turn helps to create an even playing field and makes it more competitive.

The next race that the R&D Sport Legacy B4 car will be competing in will be  next month on 9-12-09 to 9-13-09. This will be Round 7 of the season and will take place at the Fuji Speedway. We are excited to see how this Legacy B4 will do against the other cars in it’s class.

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