COBB AccessPORT for 06-09 Honda Civic Si

FOR Immediate Release:
COBB AccessPORT for 2006-2009 Honda Civic Si

COBB puts power in the hands of Civic Si owners

Salt Lake City, Utah
June 1, 2009

COBB Tuning announces immediate availability of the AccessPORT for the 2006-2009 Honda Civic Si. The AccessPORT is the industry’s premier hand-held OEM ECU flashing, managing and monitoring device. The AccessPORT is the first hand-held device available for the Honda Civic Si that performs an ECU flash through the vehicle’s OBDII port. Just plug it in, load the maps and go! Faster!

Unlock power hidden within the ECU by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. The result is impressive gains in torque and horsepower while maintaining a high degree of safety. The AccessPORT comes with pre-installed maps that are optimized for common performance modifications. Performance gains across the entire power band can be quickly realized in the short time it takes to flash the vehicle’s ECU with the AccessPORT. No tools are required. No additional “piggy-back” hardware. No mailing the factory ECU across the country. No vehicle downtime. No waiting. Just plug the AccessPORT in, flash the ECU and enjoy the thrill of increased torque and horsepower!

Flashing the ECU for increased performance is just the start of what the AccessPORT is capable of. Set the AccessPORT to Performance mode to capture 0-60MPH times, ¼ Mile times and Trap Speeds. The dynamometer simulator shows performance differences between maps/mods. Switch over to Live Data and choose a data channel to monitor, such as; Actual AFR, Barometric Pressure, Coolant Temp, Fuel Trims (short and long), Ignition Advance, Intake Temperature, MAP, Mass Airflow, Intake Valve Advance, VTEC Status and many more. The built-in data logger allows easy recording of monitors for detailed analysis of the vehicle’s performance. Troubleshooting mode is for diagnosing issues by reading trouble codes and clearing them once issues have been resolved.

The AccessPORT can be used to eliminate separation anxiety when you are away from your vehicle. Protect your investment when out on the town by loading the Valet map to prevent the engine from revving above 3,200 rpm. Load the Anti-Theft map when you park to make it impossible to start. And in the event the car must be returned to its stock configuration, the AccessPORT can be completely uninstalled and the ECU restored to its factory condition.

The upcoming availability of AccessTUNER Pro and AccessTUNER Race will allow professional engine tuners and experienced end users alike to custom tune any combination of modifications to achieve their maximum power potential. This duo of powerful tuning applications will allow tuning flexibility from minor tweaks of base maps all the way to complete custom map authoring. Stay tuned for more information regarding AccessTUNER Pro and AccessTUNER Race availability in the near future.

The new AccessPORT for the Honda Civic Si will help satisfy your hunger for more power, flexibility and control.
Access the Potential of your Honda Civic Si today!

Honda Civic Si AccessPORT Features:

• Increase horsepower and torque with the touch of a button
• Easy installation requiring no tools or computer skills
• Upgrade firmware and download calibrated maps over the internet
• Display performance with 0-60MPH and 1/4 Mile times and Trap Speeds
• Evaluate performance gains using the dynamometer simulator
• Monitor data such as AFR, coolant temp, ign adv, VTEC and many more
• Data log sensor monitors for in-depth analysis of performance
• Troubleshoot by viewing and clearing trouble codes
• Valet and Anti-Theft modes help prevent abuse and theft
• Completely and easily un-installable

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