How-To: Install Radiator Shroud on 2008+ Subaru Impreza WRX STi

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With the amount of track time that our 2008 STi sees, keeping the car cool is the most important thing as it will allow us to run it harder for a longer period of time.With this vehicle being so new, it is becoming a waiting game for manufactures to come out with parts in a timely manner, especially ones that have a good amount of engineering behind it, parts that actually work, and function how they are suppose to.

Beatrush/Laile is a top notch Japanese company that has been working on Subarus for many years. And seeing many of their products on the GC and GD models, our expectations were high for quality, finish, and fitment.

Tools Needed:
Phillips screw driver
Flat-head screw driver
12MM socket or wrench.

1) Take the Phillips screw driver and take out the center of the clips that hold the ram air intake to the upper radiator support.

So now it looks like this. After you take both the clips off and pull out the ram air out of the air box.

The ram air just slides out of the air box.

2) Now pop off the 2 clips that hold the upper grill onto the radiator support, using the flat head screw driver. (You only need to take out the 2 on the driver side of the car)

Get the 12MM socket and take off the 2 brackets that hold the secure the radiator to the top of the radiator support.

And it will look like this after all the parts are removed out of the way.

4) Put on the new Beatrush Radiator shroud.
5) Now go backwards and put everything back on. Starting with the radiator brackets, then the 2 clips that hold the upper grill on, followed by putting the ram air back into the air box, and putting the clips back in.
After it is all said and done, stand back and enjoy .

Impression: Not much of a power mod but the engine bay now looks great with a little eye candy. The main purpose of the radiator shroud is to help direct air through the radiator, instead of over it. The coolant temp. needle now sits a little lower when cruising on the freeway which means the shroud is definitely helping keep the car run cooler.


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