Brody’s WRX Build

A well put together car is nothing to joke about. Many people try to get power by doing simple bolt-on parts, however if a goal in mind is to build a ultimate Subaru, the ultimate parts need to be put together.

Below you see a dyno sheet of a well planned out build for road racing. The power potential of this setup is huge, allowing this motor to be set up with a large turbo that can spool up quickly and offer a large power band.


The setup consists of the following:
Cosworth 9.2:1 High Compression Long Block
APS TSR Turbo Kit with .82 Hot Side
APS 3.5″ Turbo Back Exhaust
APS Race Fuel Race System
APS TGV Deletes
APS 80mm TSR Intake
DW 1100CC Injectors
Denso 280lph fuel pump
And much more.

The numbers put down are on 91 octane pump gas, 5000ft altitude, and a very conservative tune at 20.5 PSI. The tune was left mild for the customer to get used to the power on the car and allow him to complete his break in on the motor. Using 91 pump gas, another 30-40WHP would be attainable with a more aggressive tune. Also keep in mind, this motor was only taken up to 7000RPM, on race gas it will be taken up to 8000+, giving well over 4000RPM of usable power.


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