How-To: Install Short Throw Shifter on a 2008+ Subaru Impreza WRX STi

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Shortly after getting our 2008 STi it was apparent that the stock shifter had to go.
Replacing the stock shifter is a Kartboy unit which will shorten the throw.
After taking the stock shifter out, it was apparent that Subaru did a slight change of design and used a different sized barrel. After getting in contact with TIC we had some new STi 6-speed pivot bushings.

The interior is a little bit more complicated to take apart over the previous GD, however its nothing that can’t be done.

Parts You will need:

KartBoy 6 Speed Shifter
TIC 6spd Pivot Bushing
Lithium Grease

Tool you will need.
10mm Socket
12mm Open-end wrench
12mm socket
Flat head screw driver
3/32 Punch
Rubber hose (to hold the reverse lockout toggle under the car in the up position)
Snap ring pliers
Pliers to cut zip ties
Jack and jack stands

1) Remove the 2 bolts that bolt the arm rest to the chassis.

2) Pop up the E-brake boot to gain access to a bolt under it. Be careful as not to damage the leather and the plastic.

3) On the under side of the center dash piece, between the seat and the carpet, there are some hidden clips that you will need to pull over the tabs that are on the plastic. There are 2 of these clips. One in the front and one in the back part of the leather boot.

4) Remove the bolt that is under the leather E-brake boot and pull the armrest portion BACK. DO NOT LIFT AS YOU WILL BREAK THIS LITTLE WHITE CLIP.

5)Then grab the tray and the shift boot portion and pull it straight back as well. However BE VERY CAREFUL, as there are small fingers that hold the whole assembly to the lower part of the dash.

6) After you get it off this is what you will see. Just take out the 2 plastic white nuts that hold the rubber boot over the bottom of shifter.

7) Take off the zip tie that is on top of the shifter holding the reverse lockout cable.
Then take out the bolt that holds the shifter barrel to the U shifter rod.
Then proceed to remove the snap ring.

8) Get under the car and have a friend pull on the reverse lockout.
Jack up the car and put it on jack stands.
Climb under and follow the reverse lockout cable from the shifter all the way to the transmission. As a friend is pulling on the lockout you will notice that there is a little arm moving on the tranny. Put a rubber hose between the arm and the tranny to keep it in the pull up position.

9) After you get the lever arm on the tranny in the up position, proceed to knock the reverse lockout pin out of the shifter.
Careful as the reverse lever on the shifter is spring loaded. Its weak spring tension, however make sure you don’t lose any of the parts.

10) After the pin is out and the snap ring is pulled out, proceed to pull the shifter out of the cup. There will be 2 rubber O-rings. Make sure you don’t lose or damage them.
This is what the bottom of the shifter looks like after you get it out.

11) Take out these 2 little screws and the piece that they hold will slide off.

12) OEM next to a Kartboy
You’re 1/2 way there!

13) Transfer all the parts onto the KartBoy Shifter.
NOTE: YOU WILL NEED TO USE THE TIC 6spd Pivot Bushing as the OEM ones will not fit into the KartBoy barrel (Thanks Subaru for the design change).
Place a little grease back into the cup that holds the bottom of the shifter.

Now, proceed to do everything backwards.
You will also need to use a second zip tie to tie up the reverse lockout cable away from the drive shaft.

Now clean up and enjoy your new KartBoy Short Shifter!


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