How To: 2008 STi HKS Axelback

This is the rear muffler section by HKS. HKS 2008 STi Legamax Premium Rear Section. This is a JASMA legal system which means that it complies to all the requirements for street driving in Japan.
Features 4 Ti colored 90MM tips and a 65MM pipe size, that mates up perfectly with the OEM mid section.

Things included : Muffler, 2 bolts, 2 nuts, 4 washers, Gasket.

This is a very easy install and takes about 10-15min.

2 14MM wrenches.
2 ramps to drive the car on to

1) Back up the car on to the ramps so that the rear of the car is up in the air.
Then locate the 2 bolts that attach the rear section to the mid section.
Get your 14mm wrenches and take off the OEM hardware.

2) The car has 4 hangers that holds the muffler on to the back of the car.
Take off the axle back from the hangers.

3) After the hangers are off, the stock muffler system will come off.

Just a quick comparison of stock vs. HKS

HKS Weight

Stock Weight

4) This is what the underside will look like after you take off the muffler. You can see 3 of the 4 hangers (4th one is in the shadows).

5) Now put on the HKS rear section. First, put on the hangers, then the hardware with the gasket.

6) Stand back and enjoy your new system

Sound wise, this is a quiet system. With the windows up the system can not be heard, and is very easy to live with. If you step on the throttle you will hear a nice rumble, but nothing that will wake up the neighbors.
The fit and finish on this HKS system is as good as it gets. Everything lined up perfectly with not issues.

YouTube – RallySport Direct HKS Legamax 2008 STI

The car has a APS manifold (equal length), Invidia DP, stock mid-pipe!

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