How-To: Install Coilovers on a 2008+ Subaru Impreza WRX STi

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This is a how to install for 2008 Impreza Coilover install.

The factory suspension is very well designed, but as other previous models has room to improve on. And this is where the Cusco Zero2-E coilovers come in. They offer a great Daily Ride, and can be a powerful tool at Auto-X and Track Days.

Things needed:

19MM Socket (6 point)
19MM Open end Wrench
12MM Open End Wrench
14MM Deep Socket
14Mm Open End Wrench
17MM 6 point Socket
17MM Open end wrench
Allen key to hold the sway bar end link from spinning.
Breaker Bar
Torque Wrench.
And misc. extensions

1) Jack up the car, Put it on Jack Stands, and take off the tires.

2) Front Suspension is first. Take off the Brake line and the ABS wires off the Strut.

3) Take off the 2 lower bolts that hold the strut to the knuckle.

4)Take off the 3 top bolts that hold the top hats to the chassis. Be careful, as the strut will be out after this, so make sure not to damage your outer axle boot.

New Vs. Old
As you can tell the new coilovers are VERY low. We had to raise them about 1″ to clear our race rims w/ tires. However, with stock rims you might be able to get away with running the drop. But they are LOW!

5) Now go backwards. Put the top hat in so that the camber plate is sitting side to side. And tighten the top hat bolts.

6) Attach the Brake Line and the ABS wires to the strut.

7) Now insert the 2 lower bolts to attach the strut to the knuckle and place the camber bolt so that your tires do not rub on the strut. (Be careful, as this can ruin a brand new set of tires and coilovers very fast if not set up properly)

8) Rear is straight forward. Make sure that the rear sway bar is not attached to the suspension, as it will not allow the arm to drop far enough to get the stock strut and spring out.

9) Take out the middle bolt thats in the picture as that holds the strut to the lower arm. This thing is TIGHT! So a breaker bar and a 6 point socket are a MUST to avoid stripping the nut!

10) Take out the trunk mat and the 2 plastic side pieces to expose the top of the rear suspension. The 2 plastic covers on the inside have tabs on the back of them that will need to be slid up to allow the Covers to come out.

11) Take off the 2 top hat bolts and the rear suspension will be ready to come out. At this point you will need to press the lower suspension arm down to give you enough clearance for the strut to come out.


12) Now work backwards. Put the Top hat in place and tighten the 2 nuts. Then jack up the lower arm so that the new strut will go into the lower arm and insert the bolt. Torque spec for the lower arm is 100ftlbs according to a local tech. And now tighten the end links as well that you removed.

You are almost Done!
After you do all 4 corners make sure all the spring perches are tight, and that all the hardware (bolts) are tightened to factory spec.

Lower the car and triple check everything. Then slowly start doing figure 8’s and listen for rubbing or clunking. If everything is ok, go and get a alignment ASAP!



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