Tomei ARMS-M7960 – Mitsubishi EVO Bolt-On Turbo

The new Tomei ARMS-M7960 turbocharger built specifically for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4-9 is now available! This is the largest bolt-on turbo to date for the EVO and is capable of delivering 400hp + with quick response. This is due to extensive R&D into the design of the turbine to find a good balance between power and spool to offer a great street and track turbo.

Graph on the left shows the performance gains on a 2.0L where the one on the right shows the performance gains on a 2.3L setup. Very stock-like response with a lot more power to boot.

This is a comparison of the M7960 to the stock EVO turbo. As you can see, the compressor is noticeably larger than the stock turbo.


  1. BUJARsays:

    wie teuer ist der turbolader. und past es auch auf einen volvo c70 t5 bj 98

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