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If you drive a sport compact or even a lifted truck, chances are you may have aftermarket wheels. Aftermarket wheels come naturally for those of you who want to enhance both performace and looks of your car or truck.

However there is a menacing chore no one likes to admit doing.

Beatrush knocks it out of the park with their Catless Equal Length Exhaust Manifold for the BRZ/FRS.

If you pilot one of the FT86 platforms, and if you’re a fan of art, then you’re going to appreciate this exhaust manifold. Our friends at Beatrush have been stepping up the plate in releasing some killer products that enhance the FT86 canvas visually, while adding more power in the horsepower department.

RallySport Direct’s 2008 Mitsubishi EVO X (408hp 345ft/lb) Cavalli Stage 2 Turbo

Today’s feature is RallySport Direct’s 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution X, also known as “La Flama Blanca”. This was not just another pretty shop car with parts thrown at it. This particular Evolution has seen several autocross events, and has acquired several class wins, as well as several overall wins. More importantly the pilot Dallin Felton has daily driven the car for the last few years, and has racked up a few miles. This is no garage queen, cars are meant to be driven, and today’s feature is no exception.

Getting on Track: Brakes

You’re back from your first track adventure, your car is beat, and you’re exhausted. But more than likely you had a great time! Now what? Well if this is something that’s looking to be a regular thing, the idea of more power, speed, and stickier tires may be a good idea. But let’s slow down a bit, and consider more important weaknesses you’ve come across in your first track outing. Did the car have